Financial Status

Global Force Security and Detective Service provide you with financial records. A unique feature of our service is that it can be very vital for the companies, whose financial dealings are high.

Financial records can be made available only through court orders. Since our company works in close alliance with law agencies our investigations are effective and authentic. This feature can be useful for bank accounts, stocks, mortgages, Bonds, mutual funds, loan accounts, balance sheets, profit and loss accounts ROC returns etc. We can also provide you the details of the assets of the company or an individual, who is under asset search category. Our investigative network is at your service 24/7 worldwide.

We work in close association with legal and government agencies. We also organize raids and making seizures under trade marks, copyrights, patents and design laws and thus effectively immobilize the offenders to forestall the further damage to the business. Our reward is your faith in us. We work in complete alliance with our esteemed Clients and our vision is to provide you with the right information of any regard.

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